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Avoid Interview Disaster with an Interview Emergency Kit

We’ve all been there. Just when we absolutely must be at our best, something unexpected happens and we end up forgetting something we needed to bring along, being delayed, discovering a stain in the wrong place, or start sweating uncomfortably in close quarters. Stress makes it even more likely that these incidents will occur, and few things are more stressful than an interview.

Here are some suggestions for preparing a variety of interview emergency kits which may help reduce stress and avoid any potential interview disasters.  Some will be practical for local interviews, some for interviews that may take place over several hours with a variety of people in an organization, and others more applicable to  interviews which take place in another city, perhaps if you’ve flown to a location for that big final interview.  Each can be adapted to suit your own needs and help you prepare. Continue reading Avoid Interview Disaster with an Interview Emergency Kit

Perspective Builder: The Real Meaning of Peace

For today’s perspective builder, I’m going to indulge in a more personal message than usual.  This would have been my mother’s birthday.  She passed away several years ago and in tribute to her memory, I wanted to share something today that embodies who she was and the legacy she left with her family. Continue reading Perspective Builder: The Real Meaning of Peace

Using Social Networking for Support in Your Job Search

Any job seeker should take advantage of opportunities to network in finding employment.  The personal connections job hunters make can often lead to other connections which very often lead to jobs.  You should never overlook the fact that those opportunities are more plentiful than ever given the access we all have to the Internet.

In Deb Norton’s latest installment of her Unemployment Diaryin the StarNews Online in Wilmington, NC, she addresses the value of social networking and Internet connections for those seeking work with some personal examples of how those efforts have enhanced her search.

Deb knows of what she speaks. She and I have exchanged ideas, in fact, particularly in regard to job search for seasoned workers as she mentions in her latest article, Internet Presence is Essential.

I look forward to reading more articles from her diary in the StarNews Online and know that her contributions will be of great interest to readers here who find themselves in a similar situation.

Mark Ste. Marie

The Layoff

The first in a series of poems with Interviewing & Career Lessons in Rhyme by Lynn Ste. Marie.


John’s path had shown an upward climb,
His loyalty, abundant.
What did he reap for all that toil?
His job was made redundant.

“It isn’t anything you did,”
His boss said and repeated.
“We just cannot afford you now.
Our company’s depleted.”

You may be in a state of shock
And understand John’s fate
If after years of working hard,
A cutback sealed your fate. Continue reading The Layoff

Clearing the Boomer Cobwebs

I woke up this morning thinking about how much I’ve had to stretch this old boomer-brain over the last couple of months. I’ve actually kind of surprised myself along with realizing how tiring this stretching process can be in the Boomer years. It’s a good tired, though. I’ve learned or expanded my knowledge of at least a dozen different technologies I would never have thought I’d want to know about let alone have to figure out at this point in my life. However, in structuring new business services and website features, that’s what it came down to. Every day a new challenge has presented itself to me. Continue reading Clearing the Boomer Cobwebs

Join Us for Our Free Webinar Overviews and Check Out our Course Offerings

We are launching our webinar series this week. To introduce you to the concept, we will have initial and repeat runnings of our free webinar overviews of Attitude, Aptitude, and Altitude this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Continue reading Join Us for Our Free Webinar Overviews and Check Out our Course Offerings

Your Best Year Ever: Pt. 2&3

As a continuation of the previous post, here are the links to parts 2&3 of Jim Rohn’s lecture, “How to Have your Best Year Ever.”

Part 2:

Part 3:

Your Best Year Ever

Great video by Jim Rohn for a little inspiration.  As he says, you can’t get rich by demand.  You progress by becoming more valuable.

Perspective Builders: The Talent is the Call

“Each man has his own vocation. The talent is the call. There is one direction in which all space is open to him. He has faculties silently inviting him thither to endless exertion. Continue reading Perspective Builders: The Talent is the Call

Motherhood and Management

I became a first-time manager shortly after becoming first-time mom.  There was no question I would return to work after my maternity leave but was I up for this new challenge?  I was still figuring out life as a working mom – was it the right time to add more responsibility along with higher expectations?  I decided to take the plunge and fortunately things have gone well, thanks to my supportive manager and amazing team.  Balancing work and home isn’t always easy but I now realize the two halves of my life have more in common than I could have guessed.  Continue reading Motherhood and Management